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What Makes Queue Wisely Great

Commuting into Gibraltar everyday, or just want to escape Gib for the weekend? We’ve all got caught in at least one 2 hour border queue but how much time do we actually waste? In rush hour the avg. crossing time from Spain is 15 minutes and out of Gibraltar 30 minutes!!

That means the average commuter into Gib, wastes 195 hours a year queuing!!!

Find the best time to cross! Time is precious so start Queuing Wisely!

The Coolest Features

Most accurate time

The more Wisely users, the more accurate the times becomes, with our own algorithm, Wisely users provide anonymous data on their journey time.

Web Cameras

Live steaming cameras within the app, for both Gibraltar and Spain!

Border queue too long?

Set notifications for a time you’re willing to wait, and we will let you know when the queue dies down.

Car / Motorbike / Walking Views

No matter how you cross, we have your back.  Easily filter between different methods of crossing.

Never get stuck on the runway!

Every get annoyed when you leave Gib and you start queuing before you’ve even crossed the runway, We will tell you when flights are about to land or depart.

Want to see how long you spend in traffic?

Check out my stats! See how many minutes/hours/days!!! You spend crossing the border, you will be surprised.

Queue taking longer?

You can add your time and check out what other users are saying about their journey.

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Queue Wisely Limited

5:20 World Trade Center, 6 Bayside Road, PO Box XXXX, Gibraltar.