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Two friends solve border queue frustrations with ‘Queue Wisely’ app

After being two hours late to a dinner due to queues at the border, Carl Hallam and his friend Alfredo Morante had a eureka moment: What if they could track waiting times at the frontier?

Six months later and the pair have launched their app ‘Queue Wisely’ that does just that.

The app logs when a user enters the border queue on both the Gibraltar and Spanish side and times how long it takes for the person to cross through.

That data is then shared anonymously with other app users, effectively harnessing the power of the crowd – or int his case, the queue – to deliver accurate, real-time information about the border flow, and allowing people to plan whether it is worth making the journey at that time.


Queue Wisely Limited

5:20 World Trade Center, 6 Bayside Road, PO Box XXXX, Gibraltar.