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Carbon emissions could be cut by over 50% If the Government partnered with Queue Wisely

Updated: May 8, 2020

The hot topic in Gibraltar at the moment, are the new road closures with the goal to reduce Gibraltar’s carbon footprint. Which got us thinking…

Where is our carbon footprint really coming from, is it the airlines, residential traffic or the frontier queue. With over 14,000 people crossing the frontier each day in peak times what happens to CO2 emissions in peak times.

We took data from a recent study in America, and started crunching the numbers through the Queue Wisely data center and what came out was scary! If the frontier queue was just one hour long, that would mean each car would be producing 1100 grams of CO2 per mile TIMES that by say 500 cars you have a serious problem!

Now if you simply pushed the data from the frontier hotline into Queue Wisely live algorithm our prediction model would allow users to set a notification for a less heavy queue time. If the queue was then only 30 minutes your CO2 emission becomes only 550g/mi. What about 15 minutes.. 400g/mi.

People spend less time in the queue and doing things they want to be doing, becoming more productive and the CO2 footprint is cut between 50 & 60%.

As Environmental Missions Gibraltar states the PM count is just as worrying, trillions of Particles known as Particulate Matter that would other wise be in your lungs and inner most organs.

The real question is when will the government be able to prioritise the integration, so we can empower the community to make a positive move to save the environment. The Queue Wisely algorithm and predictive models can take care of the rest.

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