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Runway Tunnel To Be Completed In 2020

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

In an article published by the Gibraltar Chronicle, The runway tunnel project is expected to be completed during the course of this year, the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo restated yesterday.

“It is not possible to provide a definitive date for the completion of the tunnel,” Mr Picardo said although he highlighted comments he had previously made in which he indicated the project would be completed by the end of the year.

“Progress on the runway tunnel project has however been steady with the civil works being well advanced and nearing completion.”

“The next stage involving mechanical and electrical installations is expected to commence within the next few months once the design packages are completed.”

He added that the delay is not of any making of the Government.

He said: “The Government has been in litigation since we were elected… we are pursuing through the Government’s advisors and professional consultants that the work to the tunnel is done to the required standard.”

What we don't know at the moment is how this will affect pedestrians...

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