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Queue Wisely Donates £2000 Worth of Advertising to GibSams

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness week we really struggled to think how we could contribute to such a powerful and important cause, which impacts millions of people every day. With mental health being such an important issue we realised the only way we could truly increase awareness was to donate a year’s worth of advertising to GibSams. Our actions can speak louder than words, but with GibSams words are the most powerful weapon to combat mental health issues. As of this week, GibSams will have banners placed within our app that will have clickable call to actions to the GibSams website. We will also support them by generating awareness through the social media community. Marielou Guerrero MBE, Chairman of GibSams, said: “With the present scenario, the lockdown is causing mental stress to many so any help we can get with promoting our service is very much appreciated." On top of this, GibSams does't have any graphic designers for any of their creative needs so our designer Steve Smith has also now offered free of charge support for any of their professional design needs. Carl Hallam, Co-Founder of Queue Wisely said: “Mental Health is something that has affected so many close friends and family, and I have lost too many friends to suicide, hence to be able to support an organisation that could save even one life, one family, by engaging our 3000 users is the least Alfredo and I can do."

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